Monday, March 2, 2009

You bet your ass I'm watching The Price Is Right

This woman went on to win an additional $10,000 when spinning the big wheel. It was great, since she is adorable.

One of my guilty pleasures when I'm home sick or on vacation is The Price Is Right. I think because I was always sick as a kid I got hooked. And to this day, if I know I'll be home at 11am, you can bet I'll be watching pricing games.

This episode has been good. bonus spins that pay off, someone biding the exact price, nut jobs in all camo (who are NOT in the military), cars, and no golf game. PS, how badass of Bob Barker that he creates a game just to show off that he's a good golfer? And to thwart all people who are stuck playing that game.

Drew Carey does a decent job, I believe. I think because he's not trying to be Bob Barker, but is just a long-time fan who wants to see these people win stuff. And he's his own person. I also think it's not a terrible thing that this show has a younger feel and a certain level of Drew Carey snark.

Also, there was a Wilford Brimley commercial, so all was well.

It appears to have stopped snowing, but I also heard that it's supposed to start up again in a bit. If not, I might go visit Crystal and have lunch with her. If it does start snowing, I'll stay in and knit by myself.

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