Thursday, November 27, 2008

Who doesn't love a good ol' Rick Rolling on Thanksgiving?

God bless you, Rick Astley and the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:

Sunday, November 23, 2008

A busy (but great!) Saturday

I finally had my dreaded 30,000 miles service appointment on Saturday. My friend Crystal was extremely nice and generous with her time, so she went with me for the day. We dropped the car off at 9am, then walked to Alewife, took the train to Harvard Sq, then spent the entire day hanging out in coffee shops and book stores.

I was shocked that she wanted to come. Not that Crystal isn't nice, or that I am boring or whatever, but it was a long day being tied to a place because of my car, and it's just a lot of time waiting. But she did, and I am very grateful for that. It was good to have some one-on-one time and a partner in crime while trekking all over.

The car is fine, though they need to replace part of the suspension since it's waring prematurely. Not a safety risk, and free as it's under my warranty, but a pain that I need to head back there in a week or two. That should only be an hour, though.

We ended up finding a lot of neat coffee shops, as well as getting the yarn for Sam's Christmas gift, some adorable buttons, and I almost finished one of my Craft Fair mittens. And we talked a lot. Stuff we were going through, observations, family stuff. Random crap, too. It was really great.

Our timing was a bit off, as it was the weekend for the Harvard-Yale Football game, so the square was a cluster fuck of alums and current students of both schools, all decked out in their finest school gear. And as it was freezing cold, they had taken over every coffee shop we went to to stay warm and get something warm to drink. Once the game started, it was enough time for us to grab some turf before many people came back after freezing their asses off outside for awhile.

At the end of the day, we headed back to the North Shore. I made some dinner for myself and waited until Brad came to visit. Brad and I used to work together, and we kept in touch after he left in May. It was soooo good to see him. I really miss him. He's a good pal, and we have a great rapport. We met another coworker, Carrie, and all of her neighbor friends (or as Brad and I agreed with, her MILF neighbors) and we saw a cover band in a bar. We couldn't afford to drink, so a very fun and sober night.

Today I plan on keeping a low profile and catching up on laundry, movies, knitting, paying bills, and the like.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Are you kidding me? Seriously?

Ohhh AIM, how you manage to cause so many problems sometimes.

So because I'm at a tech company, and sometimes it's easier to be on IM to ask each other questions than get up from our desks to do it (maybe it's not the tech company part, but the "we're lazy" party?) I have a few key home/college friends on my buddy list to chat with when I'm at work. This also includes... exboyfriend Justin.

I clicked on his name today to see what was his deal (he is almost never on) and it said something like "Singer songwriter extraordinaire, teacher, bartender... homeowner?"

And I thought... are you kidding me?

Not that I'm sour grapes, but he's buying a house? He has his life that much more together, or at least his finances as well all know that perhaps his personal life is a shambles, that he could feasibly buy a house? I also realize that doesn't have car loans, probably very small student loans, lives in Central Mass, and has cheaper rent, but how is this possible?

I feel like things somehow come very easy for him from time to time. Or maybe this is just the wake up call for me to get my finances in order so that I can also try to swing these unreachable things. I don't know.

It's not that I do not want things to come easy for him, or for him to be miserable all the time, but I also don't want to feel like I'm living paycheck to paycheck, and he can make these investments. I don't know, it caught me off guard.

I talked to Tim about it, and I quote:

Me: It just blows my mind
Me: Maybe he has a sugar mama
Me: Like a cougar
Tim: Oh I bet he does
Tim: Except not a MILF cougar
Tim: A bad kind of cougar

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crunch Time

So I am a knitter, and I signed up to display at my work's craft fair. This is on 12/5. I am freaking out about this, because I feel like I don't have enough stuff to sell. I currently have roughly:

--4 baby/child hats
--5 women hats
--1 men hat (issue right there)

--2 pairs of mittens (another issue)

--8 scarves or so? Maybe?

I'm working on plowing through finishing a scarf, and then I hope to crank out a man hat or two this weekend. I have several weeks and many wide open evenings coming up, so this will give me some time. I also want to make some fingerless mitts or mittens this weekend, since those are always big sellers. Maybe little kid mittens, but we'll see.

I definitely know that if I do this next year, I'm going to start working on making stuff ASAP. I also hope to be knitting while said fair is going on, though at this point it might just be me making Christmas gifts.

Here's a sampling of the work. There's definitely more stuff than what I'm showing.

Star Mittens. Had these mittens lying around, then decided to add stars to make them interesting.

Fuzzy baby hat. I HATED making this, since the yarn is so difficult to use. There's no shaping, everything looks the same, and there's no give. But as it's insanely soft and machine washable, I know some parent will love it for their little kid. I might add some green fuzzy applique, but we'll see. Or try to cobble together mittens.

Floral hat. I'd love to make more of these before the fair, since they look neat. And very easy to make a simple hat and then add some flowers and vines in scrap yarn. I think I'll also make some ear warmers like the one I made Aimee for her birthday, as those are a super fast knit, cool looking, and easy to add adornments to. I can also probably adjust for kids' heads.

Monday, November 17, 2008

A series of unfortunate texts

So Sam has a very weird college roommate. He spends all night playing WoW, sleeps all day, goes to class, then plays WoW afterwards. Needless to say, Sam is getting tired from all of it.

After I drop Sam off, we exchange the following texts:

Me: Made it back okay.
Sam: Good to hear, I'm still kicking, too.
Sam: Just got back from work [college roommate] is STILL SLEEPING
Me: He needs to rest up for an all-night WoW fest.
Sam: OMFG, I think I'm gonna pee on his laptop
Me: Do it!!
Me: Did the peeing prevent the WoW?
Sam: Prevented WoW, but not Youtube, unfortunately.

Poor guy...

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another 300 mile weekend

My leasing company will kill me, but I had another 300 mile weekend.

Saturday I drove to Rockport and back for Nikki and Jeff's engagement party. It was pretty good, nice to see people. It was semi formal, which is a lot of "what the hell do I wear???" before going there. Then I spent some time with the rents.

Sunday, out of the blue, I found out Sam was stuck in Rockport and needed a drive back to school, so I offered. I always like having brother bonding with Sam. I want to be a good big sister, and I think I am, but I figure I should take every chance I can get. So it was 5 hours round trip, but good to help out Sam.

We talked a lot about my dad's side of the family, and all the weight of that. We also commented on how there's literally nothing notable or impressive about Massachusetts to the west of 495. Seriously, time forgot about it, and so should we! (I kid... kind of)

I can't wait to see what Cambridge Honda says when I have my service appointment on Saturday. They may kill me for 2 300 mile weekends in two months...

Friday, November 14, 2008

NYE just got a lot more buffoonish

Every New Year's Eve, my theatre friends and I go to some random city and rent a room and hang out. We never see each other, since we're all busy or live all over the country, so it's a great excuse to go somewhere and also see people we don't get to usually.

I love NYE for three reasons: Michnya, Michelle, and Phil. Phil finds us amazing places, and Michnya and Michelle are two of my favorite people from college and they live in Nashville so I don't get to see them nearly enough. Especially now that flights are so pricy.

So Michnya is flying up the night of NYE after work, and I offered to pick him up, since that way I don't have to miss work that day, won't have to drive to Maine alone, and also get to spend a lot of time with Michnya. We figured out flights last night and I am SO EXCITED. Michnya truly is the older brother I never had, so I'm thrilled. As is he.

NYE just got a lot better that I get to spend a lot of time driving around with him. w00t!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's been far too long since I've had a whiney, introspective post...

So I left work early today to go home sick and be in bed and sleep. But since I'm checking a few work emails before I head to bed, I thought I'd comment on many random thoughts in my mind:

--I just listened to a podcast from one of my favorite radio shows in Seattle, about how to live in a city when you make no money. It was very interesting, and while I do make more than the people interviewed... it rang eerily true. Definitely understand the stresses and pressures of trying to stretch a dollar, as I have to make paychecks stretch to pay for car loan/car insurance/student loans/utilities/rent/gas/food/paying back the IRS after my company didn't take state taxes out for a year. It's definitely not easy and adds gray hairs to my head. If I worked and lived in the city, I think I wouldn't be in such a pickle, but right now that's jut not feasible.

--I think I'm doing a good job at keeping busy and focused and not thinking about Justin (it's been well over a month, my how time flies!) but there are lapses. Where I feel very lonely and sad. Again, might be that about 85-90% of my friends are in relationships right now, so I constantly feel surrounded by couples. But I also know I need to be patient, it will come when I'm least expecting it, and that I also need to spend this time focusing on myself. I am very happy being me and like the person I am... but sometimes it's nice to share that.

--I'm glad Leo has a job, because that's been a huge stress.

--I haven't spoken to my dad in almost 2 months, and I know at some point the cold war will need to end... but I can't say I won't miss the lack of that constant stress and anxiety in my life.

--Erin and Brian are great friends, and I am so lucky to have them so close by. I wish I lived closer only so I could spend more time with them.

--So many babies coming up! It's strange to think that I've reached the point in my life where engagements and children aren't bizarre. I'll be making tons of hats in the coming months.

--I sometimes wonder if I'll ever see or run into or speak to Justin again, and what I'd actually do when this comes up. Part of me thinks cry, another part of me thinks try to handle it as best as possible. But the biggest truth in all of this is that this instance will probably never come up, since he lives in Worcester and I have pretty much no reason to go there. And I honestly don't know how I feel about all of that.

--When 2 of these bullets are about Justin, I also realize I'm not fooling anyone, I'm not over him, but that I seriously need to be.

--I'm glad Erin is in conclusion with the rest of the world that Chuck is in the Top 10 of the Worst People We Know, if not the Top 5. No sad emoticon for that statement.

--I'm glad I found a group of great Beverly friends, since it's sometimes hard to always go into the city to hang out with people.

--This is a rut, but I know I'll get out of it, feel better, and be better. But ruts suck on the whole!

And on that note, I've officially crashed and will be sleeping this all off, hopefully.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 11th hour on the 11th day of the 11th month

The next four months will be spent making hats for babies

I've reached a part of my life when a lot of people I know, or the people associated with the people I know, are having babies. The following hats are in the queue:

--1 hat for coworker
--1 hat for friend's six-month-old baby
--1 hat, 1 blanket for Alissa
--1-2 hats for Ashley's cousin
--many hats for Laura
--possibly hats for another friend who might be pregnant??

Tiny hats for everyone!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Did you ever hear Pete go "Tweet! Tweet! Tweet!" on his piccolo?

Today is my brother's 23rd birthday, so I'm making this post a shout out to Pete. He's good people. We're both very strong personalities, so sometimes we clash, but we both love each other a lot. He's very smart and creative and talented. He also has much better hair than me.


Also, here's me modeling one of the many awesome CDs Pete made me for my trip to Cleveland in August. He decorated each one so they were unique. This one was my favorite, since it was FotC AND had tetris blocks on the album. Wicked awesome.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Let Freedom Ring!

While I am still thrilled about how the election went, there's one little hiccup... Prop 8 in California. As evidenced by a previous blog post, we here at Hot Pants for Shuffleboard are allll about gay rights. I myself am not gay (as evidenced by how many posts have the tag "exboyfriends") but I think that the way this country on the whole treats anyone who is as a sub-par citizen is atrocious and wrong. I am lucky to live in a state where same sex marriage is legal, but the fact that this is NOT universal is wrong and we should be ashamed of ourselves as people.

So when I read about Prop 8 in California, I was livid. Then... when I heard it passed.... I was even MORE livid. IT'S JUST SO WRONG.

Who are you to say, California, that just because a loving, committed, healthy, and working relationship that just so happens to be between two men or two women, it's considered wrong and should be banned from getting the same rights as everyone else.

If you just so happen to be a citizen of that state and voted yes on this... SHAME ON YOU. SHAME ON YOU TENFOLD.

Then I read on a blog I enjoy reading for kicks -- Off Beat Bride -- that there's this thing where blogs can post a picture of them wearing their wedding rings on their middle finger to say F you to Prop 8. Brilliant, as I do have a blog and can easily do this...

...minus the whole wedding ring part. But not dampened by this, I instead just posted a picture with my daisy ring which I wear on that finger, and then the one I wear on my middle finger.

So fuck you, California, Propostion 8, and all the jack asses who voted Yes. LET FREEDOM RING!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Morning After

Not as hungover as I thought I'd be, but that's the magic of coffee, folks.

I also called all of ZERO exboyfriends. Proud day right there.

I'm just so happy and pleased. I feel like this is the first election I was a part of that had so much political weight behind it and that I could see that my voice was heard and see the change happening.

Are all the problems America is facing right now going to go away? No. We have a lot of work ahead of us in the coming months and years, but I think this is a right first step. I feel hopeful and confident that we'll be moving in the right direction.

I'm also glad that this was not an election that was drawn out or contested. It was neatly over and finished by 11pm. I think that also helped not divide the country. We need to be unified.

But now I'm back at work, drinking lots of coffee, and looking forward to pizza and cupcakes tonight for my mom's birthday.

Obama speaks, I have goosebumps, am still crying, and am excited.

I am cozy in bed now, as it's almost midnight. I got up to comment on the speech and upload photos. And I'm still crying.

I love what he had to say about his wife, Michelle. Crying mess there. Maybe it's because of my upbringing, but I love it when I see happily married couples who love and support each other.

I also like how he's making good on his promise to his daughters that if he won, he'd get them a puppy. You know they're thinking "yaaaaaaayyyyyy" in their heads.

I'm also horribly sad that none of his parents or grandparents are alive to this day for him. I know they're watching down on him, but how horribly sad. Especially since his grandmother just died yesterday. But on this day, don't you want your parents and the family closest to you around you to celebrate and embrace this with you? I know he has his wife and daughters and Michelle's family, but I just wish his grandmother could have seen it.

His speech is giving me goosebumps.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain concedes, I flip out

McCain concedes. A nice speech. He's clearly rehearsed it for days.

I'm still crying and flipping out. I've watched history happen. This is incredible. I am without words. I'm also impressed that this was such a blow out. This is incredible.

And you can't see this, but I'm watching on my 18" VCR-attached TV. We bring the class in Salem.

Here's my a crying mess. You can't see that I'm crying as much as I am... but I'm crying. This is such a momentous night, I feel. It's history. I can't be eloquent, because I'm such a mess.

And in my defense, I'm not drunk dialing Andy Lauer tonight. I'm letting him be. So that's a step in the right direction.

My friend Paul who works at a radio station is playing Beautiful Day at midnight. He's very right. This is a beautiful day. I am gushing at all of this.

I may reread this post tomorrow and think "what was I thinking?" but at the time it was a good move. Whoops!


It's a great night. I am close to tears I'm so happy and excited. This might be the alcohol talking, though. Holy crap, I feel insane amounts of joy.

I heard from the Daily Show, which I switched to at 11. It was amazing. I am so proud of my country, not only for getting out to vote in record numbers, but for making this choice.

I'm also thrilled that it's over before midnight, but that might be my lack of sleep talking.

10:26: Obama 207, McCain 129

Drunk self portrait time. I am nervous, but hopeful. And by hopeful, I mean crossing my fingers. I like the lighting for this, though. It's also hides my flushed face very well.

10:14: Obama 207, McCain 129

Feeling the wine, but that's okay! I'm feeling hopeful, but always cautious.

9:29: Obama 195, McCain 70

Mich0012 (9:29:57 PM): it pleases me to see the plump baby-headed visage of karl rove call ohio for obama

Me too!

9:12: Obama 175, McCain 64

This is a milk glass, that was filled, and it's almost done. I'm also chatting with Michnya and Michelle. 2012, we need to have our own political commentary. It'll beat the pants off of NBC.

It's a white wine, if you can't tell. And some and AIM action.

Man, I wish TN wasn't so far away!!

8:51: Obama 103, McCain 34

Chatting with Michnya online. I think if I was drinking, watching it with the Miches, and commenting with them, this would be a wonderful night.

Glass 1 of wine is over. Lush status, here we come!

Also, Michelle is drinking boxed wine. Lushes in MA and TN!

8:28: Obama 82, McCain 34

NPR is acting up, so I switched to

Also, is predicting the following:

70% NO on Question 1. (excellent!)

65% YES on Question 2. (bright colors!)

65% YES on Question 3. (woof!)

Here's WHDH giving local coverage.

I think it's time to crack open some wine. I also hope that NPR's website starts working for my crappy computer.

In other news, Michnya and I are trekking up to NYE together. YAY TRAVEL BUDDY!!

7:47: Cupcakes are made, McCain 8, Obama 3

I'll be updating all night long, I decided. Keep me going and interesting to see how I was faring tonight.

7:47: Cupcakes for Mom's birthday the next day are finished. According to, McCain 8, Obama 3. Beginning of a long night.

Sarah and I also went to get free ice cream at Ben and Jerry's. Had free coffee this morning.

Still feel dread that this will not turn out well, but I think this year is actually ours to win. It should be a memorable night.

Get Mortified

Did you vote yet??? It's a big day. History will be made no matter what, but I hope it's an Obama-tastic day.

Anyways, since I know a lot of the upcoming posts will be political, I wanted to post the latest Get Mortified, which I watch when stressed or need a giggle.

// The Mortified Shoebox Show //

Monday, November 3, 2008

A weekend in review

Worked all day, which included a work potluck. So that was tasty. Got some slack for not dressing up in a costume for work...but I think I made the right move.

Then drove to Bellingham to visit Jaime and Andrew and then celebrate Halloween. Great to see everyone. There are some pictures at the bottom of this of the shenanigans. Oh did I mention there was a hot tub? Yeah... hot tub.

Returned to Salem, which was fortunately left in once piece by Halloween revelers. Then went on a date. Not bad, but definitely no chemistry, so won't be seeing him again. I have MANY thoughts on dating again, but certainly not for this blog. On my drive home, stopped by Erin and Brian's house, and we played Wii sports for awhile and watched The Cosby show and drank beer. So that was good.

Met up with some friends in Beverly, and that was so much fun! Very chill. Especially since the rest of the weekend was a little harried.

So that was my weekend. Back at the grind on Monday morning. I will say on Saturday, it was odd to be on a date. Again, not that Justin and I dated for a very long time, but there was a lot of emotional weight. He has a show next Saturday, I found out from John, so I need to find plans that night to keep myself busy.

But until then... some photos of Friday night:

Me and the Rockport Girls.

Jess, Brittany, and Amanda.

Me getting crowned prom queen and Jaime cheering me on.

And then, the crowning achievement in photography from that night...

My awkward Prom dance with Giacomo.