Tuesday, November 4, 2008

McCain concedes, I flip out

McCain concedes. A nice speech. He's clearly rehearsed it for days.

I'm still crying and flipping out. I've watched history happen. This is incredible. I am without words. I'm also impressed that this was such a blow out. This is incredible.

And you can't see this, but I'm watching on my 18" VCR-attached TV. We bring the class in Salem.

Here's my a crying mess. You can't see that I'm crying as much as I am... but I'm crying. This is such a momentous night, I feel. It's history. I can't be eloquent, because I'm such a mess.

And in my defense, I'm not drunk dialing Andy Lauer tonight. I'm letting him be. So that's a step in the right direction.

My friend Paul who works at a radio station is playing Beautiful Day at midnight. He's very right. This is a beautiful day. I am gushing at all of this.

I may reread this post tomorrow and think "what was I thinking?" but at the time it was a good move. Whoops!

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