Monday, November 3, 2008

A weekend in review

Worked all day, which included a work potluck. So that was tasty. Got some slack for not dressing up in a costume for work...but I think I made the right move.

Then drove to Bellingham to visit Jaime and Andrew and then celebrate Halloween. Great to see everyone. There are some pictures at the bottom of this of the shenanigans. Oh did I mention there was a hot tub? Yeah... hot tub.

Returned to Salem, which was fortunately left in once piece by Halloween revelers. Then went on a date. Not bad, but definitely no chemistry, so won't be seeing him again. I have MANY thoughts on dating again, but certainly not for this blog. On my drive home, stopped by Erin and Brian's house, and we played Wii sports for awhile and watched The Cosby show and drank beer. So that was good.

Met up with some friends in Beverly, and that was so much fun! Very chill. Especially since the rest of the weekend was a little harried.

So that was my weekend. Back at the grind on Monday morning. I will say on Saturday, it was odd to be on a date. Again, not that Justin and I dated for a very long time, but there was a lot of emotional weight. He has a show next Saturday, I found out from John, so I need to find plans that night to keep myself busy.

But until then... some photos of Friday night:

Me and the Rockport Girls.

Jess, Brittany, and Amanda.

Me getting crowned prom queen and Jaime cheering me on.

And then, the crowning achievement in photography from that night...

My awkward Prom dance with Giacomo.

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