Sunday, November 23, 2008

A busy (but great!) Saturday

I finally had my dreaded 30,000 miles service appointment on Saturday. My friend Crystal was extremely nice and generous with her time, so she went with me for the day. We dropped the car off at 9am, then walked to Alewife, took the train to Harvard Sq, then spent the entire day hanging out in coffee shops and book stores.

I was shocked that she wanted to come. Not that Crystal isn't nice, or that I am boring or whatever, but it was a long day being tied to a place because of my car, and it's just a lot of time waiting. But she did, and I am very grateful for that. It was good to have some one-on-one time and a partner in crime while trekking all over.

The car is fine, though they need to replace part of the suspension since it's waring prematurely. Not a safety risk, and free as it's under my warranty, but a pain that I need to head back there in a week or two. That should only be an hour, though.

We ended up finding a lot of neat coffee shops, as well as getting the yarn for Sam's Christmas gift, some adorable buttons, and I almost finished one of my Craft Fair mittens. And we talked a lot. Stuff we were going through, observations, family stuff. Random crap, too. It was really great.

Our timing was a bit off, as it was the weekend for the Harvard-Yale Football game, so the square was a cluster fuck of alums and current students of both schools, all decked out in their finest school gear. And as it was freezing cold, they had taken over every coffee shop we went to to stay warm and get something warm to drink. Once the game started, it was enough time for us to grab some turf before many people came back after freezing their asses off outside for awhile.

At the end of the day, we headed back to the North Shore. I made some dinner for myself and waited until Brad came to visit. Brad and I used to work together, and we kept in touch after he left in May. It was soooo good to see him. I really miss him. He's a good pal, and we have a great rapport. We met another coworker, Carrie, and all of her neighbor friends (or as Brad and I agreed with, her MILF neighbors) and we saw a cover band in a bar. We couldn't afford to drink, so a very fun and sober night.

Today I plan on keeping a low profile and catching up on laundry, movies, knitting, paying bills, and the like.

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