Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Crunch Time

So I am a knitter, and I signed up to display at my work's craft fair. This is on 12/5. I am freaking out about this, because I feel like I don't have enough stuff to sell. I currently have roughly:

--4 baby/child hats
--5 women hats
--1 men hat (issue right there)

--2 pairs of mittens (another issue)

--8 scarves or so? Maybe?

I'm working on plowing through finishing a scarf, and then I hope to crank out a man hat or two this weekend. I have several weeks and many wide open evenings coming up, so this will give me some time. I also want to make some fingerless mitts or mittens this weekend, since those are always big sellers. Maybe little kid mittens, but we'll see.

I definitely know that if I do this next year, I'm going to start working on making stuff ASAP. I also hope to be knitting while said fair is going on, though at this point it might just be me making Christmas gifts.

Here's a sampling of the work. There's definitely more stuff than what I'm showing.

Star Mittens. Had these mittens lying around, then decided to add stars to make them interesting.

Fuzzy baby hat. I HATED making this, since the yarn is so difficult to use. There's no shaping, everything looks the same, and there's no give. But as it's insanely soft and machine washable, I know some parent will love it for their little kid. I might add some green fuzzy applique, but we'll see. Or try to cobble together mittens.

Floral hat. I'd love to make more of these before the fair, since they look neat. And very easy to make a simple hat and then add some flowers and vines in scrap yarn. I think I'll also make some ear warmers like the one I made Aimee for her birthday, as those are a super fast knit, cool looking, and easy to add adornments to. I can also probably adjust for kids' heads.

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