Sunday, November 16, 2008

Another 300 mile weekend

My leasing company will kill me, but I had another 300 mile weekend.

Saturday I drove to Rockport and back for Nikki and Jeff's engagement party. It was pretty good, nice to see people. It was semi formal, which is a lot of "what the hell do I wear???" before going there. Then I spent some time with the rents.

Sunday, out of the blue, I found out Sam was stuck in Rockport and needed a drive back to school, so I offered. I always like having brother bonding with Sam. I want to be a good big sister, and I think I am, but I figure I should take every chance I can get. So it was 5 hours round trip, but good to help out Sam.

We talked a lot about my dad's side of the family, and all the weight of that. We also commented on how there's literally nothing notable or impressive about Massachusetts to the west of 495. Seriously, time forgot about it, and so should we! (I kid... kind of)

I can't wait to see what Cambridge Honda says when I have my service appointment on Saturday. They may kill me for 2 300 mile weekends in two months...

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