Sunday, March 1, 2009

It never gets old, no matter how old I get

This is probably going to be no Blizzard of '78, but dare to dream that I'll have a few days off...

I just got a call from my coworker Mike, informing me that my company closed down because of the incoming storm. This is amazing, because my company NEVER cancels work. In my two years, we've had many half days, but never a full day off. (I don't want to use my company by name, so please refrain) So when Mike called, I accused him of lies. He then told me to call the snow voicemail and sure enough, Beth the head of HR was telling me in dulcet tones that the offices would be closed. Yaaay!

I shouldn't be so excited, but I am. I'm ecstatic. I love a good three-day weekend, and an excuse to do cozy things like bake and cook and knit and finish rewatching season 1 of Flight of the Conchords. Also, where I live, no one ever plows our street until well into the afternoon, because we're not a main road. And there's a hospital near by, as well as several schools. So it's far more pression to make sure they're plowed than little ol' me.

So tomorrow I will be found with candles going, eating warm delicious things, maybe walking around the neighborhood, but not making my way towards Ipswich. Because I will be snowed in, and I have the day off.

I also happened to take Tuesday off, so why hello 4-day weekend. What's up?!