Monday, March 2, 2009

The millionth blizzard of the season?

Where's my Almanzo to come save me from starvation during this blizzard?

All my coworkers are enjoying this very rare snow day all over Massachusetts/Southern NH/Southern Maine. I am holed up in Salem. So far, we've only been plowed once. My driveway is also not plowed, so I don't think I'll be leaving here any time soon.

Can I also stress that the fact that our offices are closed is extremely rare, because in my two years this has NEVER happened? I asked Mike about this earlier, and he's been here five years and he's also never had a day canceled outright. Usually we all try to get in and then get sent home three hours later. So this is a rarity and will probably never happen again in my tenure here.

I started the morning by having one of my favorite breakfast items, an egg sandwich with hot sauce. Mine was on anadama toast with some nice mozzarella cheese. And piles of delicious. They're so simple and easy to make, but so filling and satisfying.

Next, I think I'll have to do some laundry, and maybe a little cleaning. I also need to catch up on TBTL podcasts, since I'm about a week behind. I also made some delicious foods yesterday, so I think a lot of eating. Knowing me, I will undo years of running in one day. I think because I'll be stuck in my apartment all day, I need to feel like I'm getting stuff done (though not to be confused with GSD) so it's not a lost day, you know? I want to enjoy this freak of nature day.

I'll also blog the hell out of today. Show the pie hat, my album cover, discuss the lack of plowing in my neighborhood, and other things like that. Good times.

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