Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Before The Roots whored themselves out for a bad late night show

I'll admit, I'm only about 20 minutes into Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Who knows, it could make a huge recovery and not suck, but right now... that first three minute exchange with Conan was the best part of this show. And even that was just meh.

Jimmy Fallon is not funny. He sucks the funny out of everything he's near. Maybe he needs to get into his stride, but I really doubt he'll ever be good at this/funny. Licking lawn mowers?! I went from the weird genius that is Conan to yah dudes fucking licking lawn mowers????? For real????

The first week of guests is pretty impressive, but I have a feeling they want to lock people in with the likes of Robert DeNiro and Tina Fey before having them settle into the likes of Patton Oswalt* and Jason Lee.

Update: The Robert DeNiro interview was so painful to watch. DeNiro clearly didn't want to be there, Jimmy was hamming and playing up on Taxi Driver and bad DeNiro impressions. And now it's a movie called Space Train?! Dear lord...

But what really struck me is that his band is The Roots. Really, The Roots? You're not selling enough albums or being kind of cool enough, so you have to sell yourselves out to the man and be on Jimmy Fallon's suckfest of a talk show? Apparently this is the case. Ugh.

So here's a video of my favorite The Roots song, aka before they were playing shit like "slow mo news" or whatever it was called. Enjoy more than this talk show:

Embedding is disabled, but click on this link to see it on YouTube.

*The Patton Oswalt bashing is a shout out to any TBTL readers I may have.

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Matt said...

haha snap. that's harsh. Don't let @JimmyFallon read this - he seems sort of self conscious in his tweets. poor guy.