Friday, March 13, 2009

Bleeding Purple

Shameless plug time. Well, not really for something I'm quite involved in, but for my alma mater.

As some readers already know, I am a proud Holy Cross alum. (Class of 2006, biddies!) While I was never athletically graced, I do like catching a college sports game from time to time.

Today, The Crusaders play American on ESPN2 at 4:45 for a chance at the Patriot League title. If they win, they'll be on their way to the NCAA Tournament. Exciting times in Woo Town and in Washington DC, where they'll be playing this game. This is the first time they could win this title since 2007.

If you have ESPN, change it from the Ocho tonight to the Two so you can watch this, and cheer on the boys in purple. I know I will be.

I will probably blog next week about other HC news, mainly that they are getting rid of the trays in Kimball Dining Hall, and how as a former Kimball employee/HC sledding enthusiast, that is a terrible idea. So look forward to that trek down memory lane!

And speaking of a trek down memory lane, here's Bob Cousy!!

Update: Last night at dinner, Erin texted our friend Meg to get a score update, only to get a response something along the lines of "we got killed". I checked the score, and sure enough... American spanked Holy Cross 73-57. Boo hiss! Oh well, there's always next year...

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Matt said...

I would LOVE to see Holy Cross in the tournament - for the same reason I cheered for Davidson last year. Smart kids stick together!