Saturday, March 7, 2009

Simple Joys have a Simple Voice

Today I trekked to NH to visit my friends Alissa and Brendan because... THEY HAD A BABY ON FRIDAY! EEEEEK!!!!

I got the call this morning that Alissa had had the baby the night before. So I trekked up north with a few friends to see the little dear. And she is perfect. Perfect size, disposition, features... everything. Such a great day. So in love with this baby and little family.

Also, it's amazing how something like this completely changes your mood. I'll admit, I've been a little stressed and cranky lately. But there's just something about feeling that much love for a new baby that makes you feel so much better about things. It brought such great joy to my week and weekend.

I will not be posting photos of the baby, but just take my word for it... she's stunning and perfect. The greatest new life and birth for the eve of Spring.

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