Sunday, March 22, 2009

Save the date?

The photo that launched a thousand rumors, well wishes, and confusion...

Fear not, blog readers. I am not (at all) engaged. I'm not even in a relationship. Which is good for you, because you will still have months and months of me being awkward around guys to read about. Maybe even years.

No, this post is a look back and a pondering of my greatest April Fool's Day joke I've pulled off. Last year, I managed to convince many people, including some close friends and a family member or two, that I was engaged to a guy named Tom and that we'd be getting married in November '09. It was a short courtship, a proposal in an Applebee's, and I was very happy.

I had a photo of my friend Jaime's engagement ring that I was modeling, and I was laughing at myself because I knew that this was the only chance I'd get at wearing a rock for years and years. Well, when you post that as your photo, and change your relationship status to "engaged", and have a status of "Landry is asking you all to save November 21, 2009"... people start to believe you. Like...

--former next door neighbors
--boyfriends of coworkers (my wedding to Tom made his Google calendar!)

I also paid Erin $5 in meatballs at Ikea to post something convincing. And I want to point out that Tom is for Tom Alva. Because if I'm going to fake a wedding, it's going to be with my inventor crush, Thomas Alva Edison. Then the next day I spent squashing all rumors that I'd be getting hitched.

It was pretty great.

Well, the other day, I was talking to a friend of mine, and she said that she has still saved the date of my wedding, which was November 21, 2009. And that got me to thinking... what if I actually threw a party/fake wedding for myself on that date? More a dressy party for all my friends to eat nice food, drink a lot, dance around, eat cake, and have some flowers? Would that be in good taste? I don't even know, but I want to try and pull it off!

So thoughts, people. Would you attend a fake wedding/dressy party/drink up/cake fest?

And yes, you bet your ass I'd want a vespa at my "wedding". I did a google search for vintage wedding and found a bunch of old photos of people on vespas at their wedding... then did a search for vespa wedding, and holy hell... amazingness.

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