Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On St. Patrick's Day, let us remember the greatest drunk text I've ever received

I have to work on St. Patrick's Day -- mainly because I'm a little too old to be calling out to get drunk on a holiday I have no reason to celebrate seeing as I'm mainly French ancestry -- so I do not partake in the celebrations. I am wearing green, but that's about it.

Well, on this day, I want to celebrate the greatest drunk text I've ever received, which happened to be on this day last year. My friend Paul works at a radio station which has an event in a bar downtown on St. Patrick's Day. And from what I gather from asking him about it later, it was a good day filled with lots of drinking before noon.

So I texted him last year at about 9 something along the lines of "Happy St. Patty's! Drink a pint for me!" and got back about an hour or so later the following:

"I sound magical on the radio. I need to go home and nap, I am completely wasted."

Yeah, that sounds about right...

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