Friday, March 27, 2009

Oranjuly at Church

Last night I trekked to Church (in the Fenway area) to see my friend Brian E. King's band, Oranjuly. Getting there was hell. Google Maps failed me for the first time in my time using it, and I ended up on the wrong part of Boylston and about a mile away. It was a pricey mistake, as it cost me $10 to drop my car in a random lot, and then $12 in cab fares to get over there when I realized that the very nice Berklee students who were telling me how to get there didn't mind walking a mile... but being a lone female at 9pm and not really knowing the area, I did. I think I said "Fucking Google Maps!" at least 20 times in my car.

But moving on. Oranjuly is a somewhat green band, only having performed a handful of shows and having some band member turnover. But at the heart of the band are two pals, Brian the singer/songwriter/guitarist, and Jordan the guitarist/keyboardist. Fortunately, they have some new members just with the band, and several very good friends in Thick As Thieves and The Shills to offer their musical services.

Oranjuly reminds me of Beach Boys, Weezer, and Ben Folds having a love fest and producing quick, catchy 2-minute songs. I really think they have potential to be a force in the coming years.

It was a small crowd, but very warm and responsive. After the show, I got to meet a couple of Brian's friends from the local music scene, which was nice. Then we all listened to the next band which I also want to give a shout out to, Lion of Ido.

Brian's friend Scott said they're very Kurt Weill, and I agree. Queen and Threepenny Opera all over the place. They put on a good show, very dramatic and captivating. Also check them out.

I'm off to another show tonight, and then to see theatre in Worcester tomorrow night, so expect many posts about culture, as well as the mystery of why I'm all of a sudden getting a subscription to Women's Health.

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