Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm at a loss... a loss for delicious soups and reubens

Oh Stone Soup reuben, you so delicious and giant and awesome and deliciously awesome. I want to eat you all day long, yes I do!

Yesterday when driving in to work I noticed a few signs on one of my favorite lunchtime haunts, Stone Soup:

"We're moving in April! Stay tuned!"


I usually get Stone Soup a few times a month. My favorites are the soup with a grilled biscuit, or the reuben or grilled cheese. Because at heart, I love things that are grilled in butter and probably putting on pounds and ruining weeks at the gym. Mmmm. Their potato salad is also amazing.

I told my team at work about this, and they were just as shocked and horrified, so we decided to make a team mini-project and figure out where they were going. We called Stone Soup, and found out they're moving down the street to where Marco Polo's used to be.

Now this has some pros and cons, naturally. But more cons.

--bigger restaurant so you could actually get a table.
--if it's down the street, less tempted to get soup or sandwiches.
--they said fried chicken is coming back, and that sounds like a hell of a good time.

--I can't walk there.
--Driving in that direction at that horrible intersection blows.
--It's across the street from the high school, so instead of fighting locals for a table, I need to fight dumb high schoolers for a table. It'll be like Zumi's but a million times worse.
--The lunch options that are in walking distance are now almost all sub shops or Thai. (Cafe Zabaglione is one of the few soup restaurants now)
--I hate change.

So I'm sure my lunch crowd will try out the new Stone Soup when they move, because we like eating lunch out and complaining about change. So I'll keep you all posted.

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