Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well My Name's Maurice and I'm Here to Say...

I'm a fan of woot.com, because I think the gadgets are neat, but I like them more for their cool t shirts. Some are incredigly nerdy, but more often than not, they're just incredibly cool.

Well today's came as a pleasant surprise, for a few reasons. One, it features a whale, and who doesn't love a good whale? But more importantly, it's by Derek Erdman... aka RAP MASTER MAURICE. You may remember my blog post where I sing the praises of Rap Master Maurice, but to refresh, he's a Chicago-based revenge rapper. And very clever and funny.

Here's his shirt. GO BUY A COPY NOW!!!!

I'm thinking of picking up a copy of this for my mom. She would appreciate a good whale shirt.

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