Monday, March 16, 2009

A band, or a weird cartoon about a boy with a giant apparently evil dog trying to find his mum in the Pyrenees? You decide

For all sakes and purposes, this weekend was very weird. It had a weird vibe, many weird things happened from Friday onward, and so I am happy to be done with it at this point. I blame Pi and Brutus, clearly.

Before and after listening into NEP for the week, I was listening to some Belle and Sebastian. It definitely lifted my spirits. I only recently discovered this band, and really like their poppy sound and it reminds me of 60's pop in a great great way. I realize I'm late to the party, but it's a party I'm really glad I found and was invited to.

Here's one of my favorites from their album, The Life Pursuit. It's called Funny Little Frog:

I really like how fun they are. Not too heavy on the ears or mind. They have a great concert through NPR I have as a podcast, which is also great. Their cover of Poupee de Cire might also be better than Arcade Fire's, but I'm not sure and that is definitely debatable.

And for all those people wondering "what the hell is she talking about with Belle and Sebastian the cartoon?", well, when I was a kid there was this very weird anime cartoon we used to watch called Belle and Sebastian, about a little kid who has no mother and is trying to find her in the Pyrenees with this large mountain dog named Belle and this tiny fluffy dog named Poochie (that name may not translate well from the French...) and they have adventures avoiding the police and trying to find the long-lost mother. And everyone thinks Belle is "the big white monster" and she gets accused of all these crimes and bad behavior, so they have to keep running from the police. It's odd, but gives me a warm nostalgic feeling. I'm pretty sure only people who grew up in the 80's, in or around Canada, or knew the original books would have seen this. Or maybe it's more far reaching than i think.

So yeah, enjoy both, and here's to hoping that maybe this latest stretch of nice weather is why this weekend was so weird.

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