Wednesday, February 1, 2012

MFT Day 2: photos of baby bunnies doing cute things

I thing baby bunnies are adorable, because they are essentially animated pom poms that have wiggly noses.  I, however, never want to own a rabbit of my own, particularly after house-sitting for a neighbor who has two.  My reasons are:

1.  They are mean.
2.  The chew on everything.
3.  They shit everywhere.

So in the end, you wind up with a giant pom pom who shits everywhere and destroys your wiring and molding. 

This revelation, though, has not stopped my love of photos of baby rabbits who are doing cute things that litter the internet.  Seriously, google "baby bunny" and watch the cuteness the image results will garner.  If you're feeling sad or happy or whatever, you will immediately feel better or even more better than you were already feeling at the sight of a bunny clapping hands.  Or eating a carrot.  Or playing with a flower.  Or sleeping together.  Yep, pretty much one of the best things ever.


Anonymous said...

Aww, I'm sorry you had such a bad experience with the bunnies. I have a 4 month old minilop/dwarf mix and he was fully litter-trained after 3 weeks :( He -does- like to gnaw on wires if we leave him alone for too long, but we just had to "bunny-proof" which anyone should do when they get a small pet or new baby!
And they're only mean when they aren't handled by humans. Those bunnies just sound like they 're bored :(

Anonymous said...

So cute! Bunnies can be great, wonderful pets though they do require the time and affection that would be devoted to a dog. I have a 3-year old mini lop and I love her like she is my child! :) She is litter-box trained (easy to do with a little patience and after getting bunny fixed). Bunnies are usually very affectionate and sweet when socialized properly though they might give an occasional "love nip". My Bunn shakes her ears with joy and dances around in her pen when she sees me. It is true that bunnies chew and destroy. They have to, physiologically, so their teeth wear down. This just means you should keep them in a pen or cage when you aren't home, and a little bunny-proofing may be in order. Thanks for the adorable pics!