Tuesday, February 7, 2012

MFT Day 7: Clementines

I had half of this written yesterday, but never got to finishing it until just now.  I blame this to a busy day at work and How I Met Your Mother finally being new again.

One things I love in the wintertime is that clementines are fresh and abundant.  I think you can get them year-round in some supermarkets, but they're not as good as this time of year, their sweet spot if you will.  So tiny and cute, they are such great snacks when it's cold and gray out.

We got a bag of clementines on Sunday, and a lot of that bad is already gone.  I've been packing some in my bag for work, and devouring them well before 11am. 

I inevitably will try to stretch out clementine season longer than it is, and then get disappointed by dry, bitter fruits, but for now I am reveling in these delightful tiny little gems.  So bright, and sweet, and juicy.

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