Friday, February 17, 2012

MFT Day 17: Hunter Boots

Work has been a bit crazy, so I am (I fear) permanently behind a day.  I'll try to catch up, but if not... I'll just write #30 on March 1.  And so it goes.

With the weather on in the background, and the fear of snow coming over the weekend, I am writing about my hunter boots.  Walking to work was proving to be rough on my feet and socks, mainly because they kept getting wet all snowy winter and muddy spring.  Many students were wearing Hunter Boots, and looking adorable while doing so.  I asked one of them about it, and they came highly recommended.  The one rainy day well over a year ago, I trekked to The Tannery and picked myself up a purple pair.

This was an excellent decision. 

I love how simple they are, but that they look classically British.  I also like how they keep my feet dry.  Sadly, because they are only rubber, my feet aren't always super warm in the cold snow, but I just layer socks and then take off a pair at work. 

Last winter, when we had countless snow days, I joked that my snow day attire was as such:
--big sweater/tunic and sweater
--Hunter Boots
--hat and mittens

This was so shovel out my car and around the apartment, walk to get coffee, and then walk to get a bottle of wine.  This look served me well.

A blogger I love reading, Elsie from A Beautiful Mess, recently blogged herself wearing her berry Hunter Boots, and I love the look of it.  I am tempted to get a black and white striped dress and pull it off on my own.

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