Thursday, February 9, 2012

MFT Day 10: The Point!

The siblings Landry all mourned the last month in our different ways, but one thing that we all had in common was listening to an album that we all enjoyed as a kid.  That would be Harry Nilsson's The Point!  (I get the sense that subconsciously I listen to Nilsson music to be happy)  I could wax poetic about the album for hours, but I thought instead I'd talk about the movie The Point instead.

I joked to Ricky that to me, Ringo Starr was first famous to me as the narrator of The Point and not the Beatle drummer.  We grew up watching The Point, and I still know almost all the words to the songs.  I also love all the illustrations, that they're so simple (pen and ink and a lot of watercolor) but convey so much.  And honestly, who hasn't felt like an outsider and that they don't have a point in the world when everyone else does?

I was going to post Me and My Arrow, but it made me too sad, since it's about the greatest dog ever... and clearly I can't handle that right now.  So instead I'll do my favorite number, Are you Sleeping:

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