Sunday, February 5, 2012

MFT Day 6: Bagel World

Sunday mornings consist of two things at our house:  Bagel World bagels and Meet The Press.  Meet The Press is always interesting -- especially with it being an election year -- but my favorite part of this is getting a Bagel World bagel.

When I first moved to Salem 4 1/2 years ago, my friend Patti (who was my roommate at that time) told me I needed to eat at two places:  Crosby's and Bagel World.  I slightly discounted her for the Crosby's recommendation, only because it's a super market, so I never actually went to Bagel World until I met Ricky.  This might be one of the many reasons why I love him.  Him introducing me to Bagel World was a key turning point.  I love Bagel World.  Every time we're gearing up for a roadtrip, we get Bagel World coffees and sandwiches.  When we're recovering from a late and buy Saturday night, Bagel World egg sandwiches and coffees are the elixir of life (case in point:  after Amanda's bachelorette party, we all dragged our tired selves to the Bagel World, and it made Sunday a lot more tolerable).

I asked Ricky what his favorite bagel was from Bagel World, but it was hard to decide on just one, because it's all based on mood and level of hungry.  Sweet:  chocolate chip.  Savory:  spinach with smoked salmon spread.  Sandwich:  Chicken salad with veggies and honey mustard.  Every Sunday, it's definitely a long debate as to how hungry we are and what side of Bagel World are we leaning towards.

I also appreciate Bagel World's prices, since we can get two coffees and two bagel sandwiches for well under $20.  (are you listening, Jaho?)  Today, Ricky got one large coffee, one small coffee, and two bagels with cream cheese for a little under $9.  At Jaho, you can buy a banana for $9.  And not even a whole banana.  (I'm only slightly kidding)

So in short, Bagel World?  You're a-okay in my book.

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