Monday, February 13, 2012

MFT Day 14: The Westminster Dog Show

Since I was but a wee thing, every February has been marked by two intense days of showmanship that I have literally dropped everything I am doing to watch.  I am, of course, talking about the Westminster Dog Show.

At this point you may be thinking "wait, you just spent all day yesterday ranting about how you should adopt mutts and strays from shelters" and you are right, but hear me out.  I do really really love dogs.  And I love seeing all the different breeds.  And I love how slightly inherently nerdy all of it is.  And I love how all the people who are involved in it -- announcer David Fry, that lady who does color commentary for women's tennis, the handlers, and the dogs themselves -- are so devoted to this sport and so excited and happy to be there.  They're just so gosh darn happy to be showing the height and caliber of every breed.

I also like Best In Show, because it does mock the people and the proceedings, but it's also an easy target.  And I think they're doing it out of a loving mindset.  

Every year, my mum and I root for the Weimaraner to take it all.  Sadly, this hasn't happened yet.  A few years ago, it won it's group which the people at Westminster called an upset*, but it's never won best in show.  I'm hoping beyond all hope that this year the Weimaraner takes it, obviously for Millie.  We used to also joke that in a crazy alternate universe if Millie were competing for the breed and she came waddling out.  Then the entire garden would grow silent at the sight of Millie, who while quite pretty... was definitely never up to the standards of the breed.  But maybe this year the dog will be a little short, a little heavyset, and have beady eyes.  Again, dare to dream.

*I say that's bullshit, Westminster people.  Weimaraners are awesome.

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