Monday, February 20, 2012

MFT Day 19: Instagram

I am late to the game, but my grandfather just gave me a hand me down iPod touch, which I've been enjoying while commuting.  The battery life is a lot longer than all other iPods I've had (disclosure:  they've all been about 4 years old and from him, which may have something to do with it) and I like having access to apps and the internet while on the train.  One app I've been really liking is Instagram.

This iPod doesn't have a camera on it, so what I've been doing is taking my favorite photos from the last few years and "Instagramming" them.  I like how low tech and slightly warped the images look, especially since they were so crisp on my digital camera.  I'm planning on getting an iPhone in the months between the two weddings I'm in (my current phone is on the decline, but I'm trying to avoid having to purchase a new phone to save money) and I can't wait until I have an Apple product with the camera so I can take new photos and Instagram them on the spot.

I wish there was a way to print some of them, because I love how they look and would definitely frame them.  Above is a photo of a barn I took when visiting my cousin's farm in Vermont.  I liked the photo before, but I LOOOOVE the photo now. 

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