Monday, February 20, 2012

MFT Day 20: Shaun the Sheep

I think at the end of this month, any "cool cred" I had earned will be long long gone.

We have Netflix, and sometimes it's fun to add random TV shows on there to watch when you feel like it.  We're making our way through a few series (Friday Night Lights, Doctor Who, The Wire) but then there are shows that are on there when we want to pick something up a little mindless (Cheers, Home Movies).

I've always liked Nick Park's work, and have a soft spot for Wallace and Gromit movies.  I noticed one day that they recommended I add Shaun the Sheep.  I decided to, because I liked that character in A Close Shave.

Shaun the Sheep is ADORABLE.  It shows Shaun on a farm with a flock of sheep, a sheep dog, a clueless farmer, some evil pigs, and a bunch of other characters.  There's no dialogue, which makes it like old slapstick silent films.  The sheep are super cute (I'm looking at you, Baby Timmy) and it's a fun show to watch every now and again when we have enough time to watch something quick before a program we watch on cable is on.

If you have kids or like this kind of animation, I highly recommend checking out Shaun the Sheep.  You're probably thinking I'm crazy right now, but it's definitely endearing and grabs you.

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