Thursday, February 16, 2012

MFT Day 16: Orange juice + marshmallow vodka

Uggggh forgot to post yesterday.  My bad.

I'll write a short one to catch up, then later on tonight I'll write something a bit longer.  Also, for the children, a warning that this post will discuss booze. 

So in the last few years I've noticed more and more new and whacky flavors of vodka on the market.  Back when I was a college kid/early 20's kid, I loved me some flavored vodkas.  At parties, I pretty much wanted to drink things that tasted like candy and/or watered down beer.  My main jam was fruit-flavored vodka with Sprite or vanilla-flavored vodka with Coke.  After graduating, I also graduated to wine, non-watery beer*, and gin.  For the most part, I haven't looked back once.

Until recently, that is.  I was in a packie looking for wine when I found myself in the vodka aisle.  I was wandering around while Ricky was getting a bottle of wine for a party, and I spotted all the new flavors they have.  Gone are the days when "I'm being whacky" meant vanilla or (gasp!) sour apple.  No, they had root beer vodka, cupcake vodka, acai berry vodka**, whipped cream vodka, and marshmallow vodka.  I decided to regress for a moment and pick up some flavored vodka instead of my wine and try it out.

I went with the marshmallow, and since it was cold that night had it with my Tim Horton's hot chocolate.  It was definitely tasty, and nice to have that subtle flavor of marshmallow to cut through the chocolate.  About a week later, I had the idea to try marshmallow vodka with orange juice.  After all, marshmallows are vanilla-flavored, so it had to be good.  And ohhhhh was I right!  It tastes just like an orange creamsicle popsicle.  It's quite tasty and a nice weekend cocktail.  Strongly recommend it.

*It's life-changing when you realize there are better beers out there than Pabst.  And that you can taste quality.

**Seriously, why are acai berries so hip right now?

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