Sunday, February 12, 2012

MFT Day 13: A year with Lewis

Lewis a year ago...

...and Lewis today!
I know I said it wouldn't be a month about Lewis, but today marks 1 year since we adopted our little pom pom!  It's so crazy to think that we've had him in our lives for one year, and it's been great watching him grow and develop a little personality.  Right now, he's sitting on the back of the couch watching the leaves outside.  Later on, we'll probably play with a toy and give him some snacks.  (again, we're very exciting)

When we got him, he was a nervous 2 pounds, looking for love and affection.  Today he's a confident 12 pounds, still looking for love and affection.  And snacks.

We've both said many times that we can't imagine having any other cat, and that our lives are so much better with him in it.  Every morning when he runs in to snuggle with me before I get up, I'm so very happy.  He's just such a great part of our little lives.

I also implore all of you (okay, both of you) who read my blog that if you're thinking of adopting a pet, please consider adopting from a shelter!  There are so many great pets out there who were abandoned or found that are living in shelters, and they all deserve a second chance and a home.  At PALS, where we adopted Lewis, there are so many cats there who just want to go home, and they all have such sad stories.  And there are other shelters all over the area or country that have pets in the same situation.  So please, think before spending hundreds on a designer pet, when there's one just as sweet and lovable and wanting sitting in a shelter right now.

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