Thursday, February 2, 2012

MFT Day 3: mustard yellow sweaters (ideally from J Crew)

Photo credit:  What Would a Nerd Wear.  CHECK IT OUT!!
I'm a sucker for mustard yellow.  There have been times when my ongoing online J Crew shopping cart is filled with only two things:  Navy blue shirts and mustard yellow sweaters.  If I could, I would live in both.  It's a sometimes weird color, but one that I adore.  And I feel like it adds a muted pop of color during the dreary winter months.  I know other stores have mustard yellow sweaters, but there's just something about a mustard yellow sweater in the J Crew variety.  (I truly thing their strongest suits are sweaters and cords)

I recently made myself a cowl in mustard yellow, along with thrifted my very own J Crew cardigan in mustard cashmere.  There's also one at the thrift store around the corner from where I work that I've been eying and will probably snatch up today. 

I know I'm not alone on this, because when you google "J Crew mustard yellow sweater" you get hundreds of different results.  In doing so, I also found a blog called What Would a Nerd Wear that I'm in love with and will now be following.  I think we may be clothing kindred spirits.  (that's where the picture for this post are from)

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