Friday, February 3, 2012

MFT Day 4: Harry Nilsson's The Puppy Song

I'm hosting a shower for Jess tomorrow along with the rest of your bridesmaid crew, so I took today off to run errands for it.  While driving around, I got a pang of missing Millie.  I think it was the nice weather and all the dogs going on walks, and also that I passed Modern Millie's Consignment shop.  Anyways, I was feeling a little sad.

Then the CD I was listening to played Harry Nilsson's The Puppy Song.  I've always associated this song in my head to Millie, because it's about having a puppy as your friend, and also because I first heard it about the time we got Millie.  So The Puppy Song has always been (to me) about my puppy Millie.

Instead of making me feel sad, though, the song put a smile to my face and made me think fondly of the Millie girl, as it always has and always will.  So today, I am sharing it here as one of my favorite things.

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