Sunday, February 19, 2012

MFT Day 18: MGMT's Electric Feel

Last night was Jess' bachelorette party, which was a lot of fun.  Great to spend a night out in the city with a bunch of good friends, being silly and dancing.  I wish there were more opportunities to that in life that didn't revolve around someone getting married.

Anyways, I was in charge of making the mix for the room while we were getting ready.  One of the songs I put on there was MGMT's Electric Feel, which I love putting on dancey mixes for friends as a surprise.  It's a great song and fun to dance to, but no one ever thinks to put it on (I feel like Kids or Time to Pretend makes it on there more).  So here it is for you!

I'll be posting something later on tonight, so that I stay on schedule.

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