Tuesday, January 31, 2012

MFT Day 1: A freshly made bed after you wash your sheets

Before I begin, I want to point out two things:  One, these items aren't in any order.  It's what I think of for that day.  And two, obviously Ricky, Lewis, and my friends and family are my favorite things.  But if I blogged every single day about them, then it'd be the most boring month of blogging ever.

My Favorite Things Day 1:  A freshly made bed after you wash your sheets

So last night when I was describing my endeavor to Ricky, I mentioned as an example when you make your bed after washing your sheets and how that's the greatest bed to climb into.  Everything feels fresh and clean and the sheets are crisp.  It's so cozy and delightful.

It's even better when it's in the winter when my sheets are flannel, because they're even softer and warmer.  I wash my sheets weekly, and so on Sunday night when I climb into my freshly made bed that's so warm and cozy I feel even more ready to start the work week.

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