Thursday, January 12, 2012

What a crock...

Guinness beef stew with cheddar biscuits.  Mmmm
This year for Christmas, Ricky's mother surprised me with two things I desperately wanted or needed:  one, a new lightweight winter coat (the red toggle coat is a string now with no working pockets) and a crock pot.  I've always wanted a crock pot to make soups and stews, especially in the winter.

So far, I've only made one thing, which is a Guinness beef stew.  I was surprised at how easy it was to make a delicious flavorful stew!  I got up early and set it up, and then in 8 hours dinner was done and amazing.  I also made cheddar biscuits using an Irish cheddar I found, to keep the country of origin-theme going.  All in all, it was a huge success and a hit in our household.

I'm a little leery of leaving something on all day when I work in Boston, for fear that Lewis could get into it or that it could set the house on fire.  I know that everyone does this, and it's probably me just being nervous, but I feel like so I don't fret all day, this will be a weekend cooking option only.

I think I'll try making something over the long weekend, perhaps a soup or a slow cooked chicken.  I've been reviewing my slow cooker cook book and all the blogs and websites online for new recipes that I never thought to make until this winter.  Bean stews, pot roasts, pulled pork... you will all be made and devoured soon.

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