Monday, January 30, 2012

A new 30 day challenge

Further proof that, yet again, Julie Andrews playing Maria Von Trapp is the answer to all of life's problems.

Friends will know that January of 2012 has been a very, very hard month.  It's been long, tiring, tear-inducing.  I'm very glad to be saying goodbye, as are my brothers and mum/Leo.

Ricky keeps telling me that good things are to come, and we both need to pick ourselves up by the bootstraps and try to embrace the rest of 2012.  I think he is right.  I think while it's easy to be bogged down by the bad, it doesn't help anyone. 

This morning while getting ready for work, I thought of a new 30 day blogging challenge for myself.  And yes, this is inspired by The Sound of Music.  Every day for 30 days I'm going to blog about some of my favorite things.  It could be a song, a whole album, a person, an article of clothing, a feeling, a food, a painting, a brand of yarn.  Anything.  It's to change perspective and for myself to think of something good and happy and wonderful every day.

I'll be starting this whole process tomorrow.  I'm starting on the 31st because there are only 29 days in February.  Also, because I'll be starting on Jess' wedding weekend on the 1st, so that way I'm not frantically trying to blog something before going to Gloucester for a rehearsal/rehearsal dinner.  This could be an interesting month of posts, or it could be painfully boring.  Only time will tell.

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