Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter gear 2011

Last Monday was a snow day for Ricky, so we were able to trek all over Salem and enjoy the views. I absolutely love Salem in the winter, because I feel like I've been brought back to the 40's and 50's by the lack of cars and people, and all the beautiful brick buildings stand out against the white.

Ricky took a few pictures of me sporting my winter gear. Last winter I was getitng one last year out of an old coat and didn't really have snow boots. I was also in the process of knitting up substantial commuting accessories.

Side note, apparently side streets don't like being plowed in Salem. That's about as well plowed as it got. WTF!?

The coat is from J Crew, but I bought it off of ebay because I'm too poor to get a full priced J Crew coat. I must say, I've gotten more compliments for this coat than anything else I've worn, hands down. It fits like a dream, is super warm, and I love that it's green. Compliments my hair, too. My last J Crew coat lasted about 4 years, so I'm quite pleased with the quality of product.

Like every twentysomething in Boston, I got Hunter boots. I got mine in March because I was tired of walking to work with wet feet all spring. Pricey, but worth it. What's great about these boots is that with use and age, they "bloom" and I love the weathered look of them. I'm not quite at blooming stage yet, but hopefully by this time next year.

The mittens you'll remember from an earlier post. They're my wonderful Bird in Hand mittens. they're so warm because they're fair isle. A smart knitting choice, indeed.

The hat I made a few years ago during a blizzard, and the scarf I made during another blizzard while watching the entire box set of Freaks and Geeks. (side note, definitely need to do that again)

It was very warm, and I can see myself using the coat and wellies for a long time, especially since they're good for all seasons. I recently went to Vermont, and they came in handy there as well.

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