Monday, January 17, 2011

2010's best pics: #3

So I had good momentum going... then the weekend happened and work has been super busy. So my bad! I promise to finish this up over the next few days.

Soooo back at it and onto #3:

#3: Mum's Kitchen. Rockport, MA.
This may not be the best photo compositionally speaking, or even talent-wise. So 2010 was a big change in cats for my parents' house. Midnight passed away shy of 18, and my Mum decided to get two new cats. The first was Nicky, and then Coco a few months ago. Nicky, seen above, was a complete change from Midnight. While both ran the house like a little general, Nicky was a lot more vocal and open, whereas Midnight often shied from the public. She was like that Greta Garbo line "I wish to be left alone". Midnight was also small and slight, and Nicky is far larger and... well, girthier.

And yet, there are many similarities. Both cats have a interest in watching on the outdoors and breaking rules of where to go and not to go. Nicky is not allowed on the kitchen counters (for obvious reasons) but when I was visiting my parents one weekend, I came into the kitchen to see Nicky watching birds outside while sitting on the kitchen counter. Before shooing her away, I decided to snap a quick picture.

I love that, even though you can't see her face, you still get all of her personality. Intent, focused, slightly spoiled. I also like that the kitchen is a little more darkly lit, and so the outdoors pop with light. It makes the silhouette of Nicky more interesting and pronounced. And finally, I like that her tail is on a plate.

Again, not the best photo, but the personality behind it is big. Also, the fact that it was such a substantial changing of the guard in pets, it's a nice symbol of that.

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