Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010's best pics: #7

Let's keep plugging along, shall we? This one is a weird submission, but I swear it makes sense as to why it's in the list.

#7. The Commons. Salem, MA.
This is an odd submission, I'll admit to that. So this is the morning after a big wind storm in Salem this past spring and I was living in my old studio. Ricky spent the night, and we were up all night worried the house was going to blow over, because it was being shaken that much by very intense and scary winds. The next morning I walked to the train to go to work through the Commons, as I always did, and the roads were a mess. A funeral home up the street had a huge tree fall over, fortunately only on the drive and not on the fence or house itself. I remember feeling really relieved that my car or apartment didn't have any big damage, and that things didn't seem too bad the next morning.

I think what I really liked when taking this picture is not only the texture of the soft clouds in the background vs. the rough debris in the foreground, but also that the dark and shadowy debris may be in the front, but in the background shining through was the blue skies of a clearer day, and therefore something to look forward to.

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