Monday, January 10, 2011

2010's best pics: #10

Today while on my lunchbreak, I thought of a new series to blog about. Over the weekend I took some really good pics of a friend's baby, and it made me think of pictures I like that I took over the last year. Some I thought turned out really good, and others I just really like the memory associated with it. So then I thought I'd go through my Top 10, rank them, and say why I like it. Please keep in mind I'm not a professional photographer, nor do I have fancy pants camera technology.

#10: Russell's Farms. Ipswich, MA
This picture I took while Ricky and I were apple picking for the season. This is in the actual orchard. We went later in the day, so the lighting was quite impressive. I loved the light poking through the clouds over the darkness of the trees itself and wanted to capture that. The ambiguity of the image was a nice effect, too. You can't really tell where I am, or what the darkness is at the bottom. You can't tell if it's trees or bushes or what.

The textures of the clouds vs the textures of the trees is nice, too. The swirl of the sky vs. the swirl of the trees.

And getting away from the technical, I really liked our apple picking session this year. I had on a newly knit sweater, the weather was nice, and we got a lot of great apples. It was a fun afternoon trip, and I really liked a lot of the pictures I got from it.

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