Monday, January 10, 2011

2010's best pics: #9

I realize that if I want this to be successful, I may need to post more than one on a day so this doesn't take like two weeks to complete. So on that note...

#9: Topsfield Fair. Topsfield, MA
Bob, Erin, Matt, Ricky, and I went to the Topsfield Fair this year. It was most everyone's first time (minus me and Ricky). It was also an exciting trip, because this is when Ricky and I got Alva the fish.

At the end of the night, Bob, Ricky, Erin, and I took a trip up on the Ferris Wheel. I hate heights a lot, so this was big for me.

I like a lot about this picture, but perhaps most of all is the lack of focus. No one's looking at me, or even in the same direction. You can't really see Erin or Bob's faces, because of the bar in the middle of our pod and Ricky's hand. It's dark, and everyone's blurry. You can't even see Erin's eyes because of the reflection of fair lights below. The background is a blurry yellow light. I don't know why, but the mood and atmosphere of the fair made this haziness even more appropriate.

I also love that the sky is dark and that there's a distinct line of light and dark on the horizon. It's all a lovely effect and memory.

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