Thursday, January 13, 2011

2010's best pics: #4

Back at work today, and doing the amount of two days of work in one, so this post got pushed into the evening hours. I'll be happy when things calm down a bit at work... sadly, we're looking at mid-May for that to happen.

#4. Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. Rhinebeck, NY.
This year, I did what many a New England knitter did before me and trekked to Rhinebeck, NY for the Sheep and Wool Festival. It was a good weekend spent with friends, and it made me fall a little bit in love with the Hudson River Valley. Rhinebeck is nice mix of small college town and farming lands. I highly recommend you all visit it once for a vacation...just maybe not the weekend of the sheep and wool festival if you're not into sheep or wool.

One of the things people like to do at Rhinebeck, it seems, is model some of your hand knits. This is both practical -- it's a little chilly in New York in mid-October! -- but also for pride. I sported my purple sweater I made in September one day, and then my tan sweater that took eons to make the other. My friend Crystal sported some lovely hand knits sweaters, but also wore many a pair of hand knit socks.

Crystal owns a pair of clear Chuck Taylors, so you can model the socks you wear as well. The first day, she was wearing green knit socks that blended nicely with the grass. I took a picture of her feet on grass.

One of things I like about this photo is all the textures. The shine of the shoe, the blades of grass, the look of the sock. I also like that you can't tell who it is, but if you know Crystal... it's obvious it's her from the sense of style and skill level. I also love that her feet are slightly turned in, making a casual pose. And finally, I like that at first glance you may think "interesting texture of green shoe?" but upon further investigation you realize... oh wait, those are socks she made!

I do wish the picture was a little bit crisper, but I like this image as a microcosm of the whole weekend: nature, friends, knitting. I'm quite proud of it.

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