Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010's best pics: #5

A lot of my teacher friends have two days off in a row. While I am jealous of them now as I have to go back to work tomorrow, I am not jealous of them having to teach into July at this rate.

Anyways, onto #5. Top 5!

#5: Mum's Kitchen at Easter. Rockport, MA.
One of my top holidays is Easter. This is because of the message of rebirth and renewal, but also because less religiously-speaking, it's the end of winter, the beginning of Spring, and I like Sunrise Service and the big Easter Dinner my mom has.

Sunrise Service always produces beautiful pictures, as it's on Good Harbor Beach at Sunrise with a small group of people and a saxophonist, talking about the messages of Easter, but I wanted to make #5 a pic of my favorite part of the Easter dinner, along with my favorite picture of said meal.

For as long as I can remember, my Mum has been making something called Bunny Bread. It's a honey roll that's shaped like a bunny with raisin eyes. We joke that while they are cute before they go into the oven, sometimes they come out looking like a Picasso painting. They are truly delicious. I think they came from Gourmet Magazine (RIP and screw you, Conde Nast!).

So my mom was making her annual batch of Bunny Bread on her cart and they looked really nice in the light, so I was taking pictures of the process. I also wanted to get some of the bunny facial expressions, since they're always so cute. This one was my favorite, because of how off-sided his face was, but also the sadness to his "eyes". He seemed a little overwhelmed and confused. I also like that you can see in the background more bunnies, so you know he's part of a crew.

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