Sunday, January 23, 2011

2010's best pics: #2

I find myself with some unexpected free time on a Sunday afternoon. Plans to knit fell through, Ricky is cashing in cans, and I decided I should write up #2 and (hopefully) #1 of this series.

#2: Marsha's Farm. Gloucester, MA.
One thing Ricky and his friends from high school (still his best friends, too, which I've always appreciated since I have a similar thing going with my best friends) love to do all year round is play bocce. This is not the "softly rolling balls on a beach" bocce, but more like golf where you traverse all over an area aiming to get points. This also includes throwing the bocce balls hard, climbing on rocks, and running to see who gets the points per round. I've played on ice, snow, In other words, this is not your grandmother's bocce.

This particular round was held at a farm in Gloucester in the spring. Jon and Megin were up from Philly (I can't remember why) and the weather was nice, so we got some bocce in. We managed to play all over this farm, which was hilly and beautiful. It was right out of an Austen novel. Part of the house rules of bocce is that right when the last person throws his/her ball, the rest of the players spring to the site to gauge who won that round. I loved seeing Ricky and all of his high school friends sprinting all over on the lush greens and in the blue skies, so I wanted to get a few pictures of it. The picture above is (l-r) Paulie, Leon, Emile, Ricky, and Jon. Their running styles were so perfect for them, and I think it's great seeing everyone in action. Also, how beautiful is this farm and this day? So perfect.

So why I love this picture is that it's a perfect spring day capturing a bunch of old friends hanging out together.

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