Sunday, January 2, 2011

Resolutions for 2011

Okay, I've officially decided to stop declaring that each year is going to be the year of Getting Shit Done and then halfway through the year realizing that it's not. So I'm just going to declare it 2011 and officially name it in in a few months.

I do have a list of shit to get done, though. And they are:

Save More. This includes getting done debt and saving more for the future of 2011 and into the actual future.

Sew More. The sewing machine is acting a little weird, so I need to have it checked out and then I plan to sew up a storm.

Lose some weight. I'm now a Y member, which will help.

Go to a metric ton of weddings. Everyone's in love and getting hitched in 2011 it seems. Thank goodness I've spent the last few years investing in cocktail dresses.

Travel more. Ricky and I have decided to take some fun trips this year, which I'll disclose where once it's closer to the date of departure. But it should be very fun and exciting.

Get a cat. This should be happening soon. I had a dream a few months back of our cat's name, too.

Begin to put more money towards my student loans and car. This seems counter-intuitive to "save more", but that way I won't be paying interest on the loans for as long.

Not move apartments in 2011. Pleeeaaaasssseee let this happen.

Alright, bring it, 2011!

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