Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2010's best pics: #8

Moving along to #8! I'm really glad I decided to do this, especially since it's been fun looking through old photos and remembering various trips and events of 2010. It also puts a nicer spin on my overall feeling of the year.

#8: Richardson's. Middleton, MA.
This photo is from when Ricky and I went mini golfing at Richardson's. If you live in the area, it's a great place to spend an afternoon. We played mini golf, spent some time at the batting cages, and then had ice cream while watching some baby cows. Richardson's, a dairy darling of the North Shore, produces its milk and ice cream here. For some of the cuter calves, they graze at a gated farm in the middle of the park.

The reason why I like this picture is basically because it's so freaking cute. I was watching the brown calf that's standing walk over to the two calves who were lying down. And I thought in the back of my mind "he's going to lick one of their heads, get ready". And sure enough, he did. So I quickly tried to capture what looked like one calf kissing the forehead of another calf. And I, luckily, managed to do that. I also like how the other calf is spooning the lying down brown calf. It's a sunny, bright day, and there's a lot of cuteness going on here. So I'm a big fan.

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