Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2010's best pics: #6

It's a snow day, and Ricky's home sick trying to sleep off feeling lousy, but that doesn't mean that I'm not posting a picture!

This one is more to embody a weekend and an experience, and not really for the talent of the picture itself:

#6 Ricky's parent's pool at St. Peter's Fiesta. Gloucester, MA.
When you grew up in Gloucester, St. Peter's Fiesta is kind of like a second Christmas. A second, drunker, and more friend-oriented Christmas. Local Italian Catholics focus on the family and religious aspects of the holiday, but Ricky and his friends use it as an opportunity to embrace their roots and spend a lot of quality time together that they may not have the opportunity to at other holidays.

So this was the first year I was dating Ricky during Fiesta and as a good girlfriend, I embraced it whole-heartedly. I watched the Greasy Pole running on the beach and cheered when the winner was brought to the shore. I cheered at the boat races. I ate fried dough. I walked around with friends and yelled "Viva Saint Pedro". And when we weren't at the beach, we were at his house lounging by his parents' pool.

While there are better pictures of the aforementioned events, this one is my favorite of the weekend. All of Ricky's old roommates from Philly came up for the event, along with his friend Sean (in the front) and Jon (in the back) from New York and Philly, respectively. I had just gotten back from hosting Amanda's bridal shower when I saw Sean sitting in a tiny chair while still wearing a bathing suit, and Jon lounging on an outdoor couch directly behind him. It was very much a "if we were cool movie makers or musicians in a magazine" image, so I captured it.

I liked that the are itself seemed a little chaotic with random pieces of furniture, flowers, plates, towels, and fencing, and yet Sean has focus in the middle of this. I also liked that these two hipsters are embracing something so small town and from their roots and childhood. They may be two of the coolest people I know, but they'll never be too cool for Fiesta.

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