Monday, June 29, 2009

Nancy Drew and the mystery of "why are my laundry settings different and whose gym socks are these?"

I don't even need Bess to solve my mysteries...

When I came home tonight, I noticed my roommate's door was wide open and a large pile of dark clothing smack dab in the middle of her floor. I thought nothing of it, because I could have opened by accident with my butt when leaving or something like that.

Later on tonight, however, when doing laundry I noticed that my washer was on different settings than I had had it the night before when trying to shrink pants. I found this odd... until I opened my dryer and found a male gym sock lying there.

I then found a lone male dress sock and a holey gross gym sock in with my laundry.

Last I checked... I wore neither.

So I came to the conclusion that while my roommate is in France for the week, she let her boyfriend borrow her keys and he is letting himself into my apartment to hang out and use my washer and dryer. Needless to say, I am not pleased. I've only met him a handful of times at this rate, and I don't like him having free reign of my apartment/food/bedroom while the two people whose names are on the lease are either at work or abroad. I also don't appreciate having no clue this was happening. I need to stumble upon it.

Also, his family is all in the area, and he has a studio, so it's not like he's without options for laundry and chilling time. He should NOT be in my apartment.

I think when she gets back from France, we'll all be having a nice little chat on common courtesies... I also love that at age 25, I need to be having this conversation with an adult. I thought I graduated college 3 years ago and left those social maladies behind, but apparently not.

In a moment of immature passive aggressive retaliation, I shut her door tightly and piled all the gym socks I found within my laundry neatly in a pile on the handle. Yep, I'm 18 deep down inside when provoked...

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Anonymous said...

you need to call the police, or get some mace. Is there a dirty sock and DB clause in your lease?