Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More upcoming concerts!

June is chock full of concerts, and there's one in September I'm a little excited about:

June 7
Leo Blais at Middle East
I bowl with Leo, and got word of his show this Sunday, so I'm going to trek up to Cambridge for the show. Should be a good time, and he's a good egg, so I'm happy to support his music.

June 10
JENNY LEWIS at House of Blues
I have a girl crush on her.

June 27
Thick As Thieves at Middle East
Brian, Annette, and I are trekking back to Middle East to see Thick As Thieves perform again. Really looking forward to seeing them live again.

July 1
Oranjuly at TT's.
BEK is performing on (appropriately) July 1. Should be a good time. He's like the love child of Brian Wilson and Rivers Cuomo, so definitely worth a viewing. AND Oranjuly has a full band now, so it'll be even better than when I saw them at Church a few months back.

And September...
I think the feathers and shit are a bit "channeling David Bowie" and I'm not crazy about their latest album, but I've heard they put on a good show.

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