Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally, good news coming out of the auto industry

beep beep!

On Friday, I listened to a very cute story from NPR. And a similar one from It discussed that not all bad news is coming out of the car industry. There is one car maker who isn't closing factories or having to declare bankruptcy... and it's even a car I have a lot of experience driving. It's the best-selling car in the United States.

Why yes, yes I am talking about The Little Tyke Cozy Coupe.

Here's a good quote from the article:

"This car really has done a great job of reading what the consumers want these days," says auto expert Paul Eisenstein. He publishes

"Whether you're talking about its performance, which is pretty good, depending on who's behind the wheel. It has a lot of really nice features," says Eisenstein. "You don't have to worry about these vehicles breaking down. In this case, the driver might break down a little bit. Get a little tired and have to count on Mom and Dad."


Here are some fun facts from the article:

--450,000+ of these cars are sold in the US every year.
--The Little Tykes factory in Ohio works 24 hours a day to produce enough cars. (how refreshing is that stat?)
--This is the 30th anniversary of production.
--The Crawford Auto-Aviation Museum in Cleveland just inducted the Cozy Coupe into its permanent collection.
--This car is gas free.
--The car has barely changed in its 30 years. The front now has a happy face, and there's a cup holder, but really... it's the same car. No bells and whistles.

Enjoy the adorableness on this Sunday morning!

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