Saturday, June 13, 2009

The iPod wedding

Mike and Christine: Their cuteness knows no end.

Many plans with many people fell through tonight, so per the advice of Tim I poured myself a gin and tonic, plugged in some tunes, and enjoyed a quiet night in with myself. Just what the doctor ordered.

I'm doing a lot of personal work tonight, one of which is working on my contribution to Mike and Christine's iPod wedding.

I have been friends with Mike and Christine since I was in 6th grade. They will be getting married on a beach in Rockport September 2009, and I can't wait. These two are so happy and in love with one another, and I can't think of two better people. They're both good friends and very sweet and loving.

Well, because the money train isn't quite in the station for them, much of their wedding is DIY. Joe's parents are tending bar. Friends and families are making pies. Emily is taking photos. And all their friends were given a blank CD and told to make a mix for their iPod wedding. Instead of spending money on a DJ, they're making a list of good songs to have playing. I've had my CD for months now, and I'm still not quite sure what I want to put on it.

I have a few ideas, but I'm not 100% sure of the final list. Here are my ideas so far:

--If not for you, by George Harrison
--I Believe, by Stevie Wonder
--Think I'm In Love, by Beck
--Eternal Flame, by The Bangles
--Do You Realize, by The Flaming Lips
--God Only Knows, by The Beach Boys
--DANCE, by Justice (I just think this is a fun song to dance to)

These aren't for sure going to be on my CD, just some ideas. But I keep thinking of a song and then thinking "not good enough" or "not wedding enough". I'm asking my readers out there... any ideas? Please post comments with songs. I'm looking for all ranges and genres.


Kristen said...

What jumps immediately to mind are more happy 60's pop songs;

I'm a Believer / Monkees
So Happy Together / Turtles
I'm Into Something Good / Herman's Hermits

And of course it doesn't really fit with the pop music theme, but Gershwin had some really terrific romance lyrics; Our Love is Here to Stay, Nice Work If You Can Get IT, Embraceable You, etc.

Also, Ain't That a Kick in the Head by Dean Martin is super adorable..

"She's tellin' me we'll be wed,
She's picked out a king-size bed
I couldn't feel any better or I'd be sick
Tell me quick oh, ain't love a kick?
Tell me quick ain't love a kick in the head?"

Landry said...

A friend recommended The Zombie's This Will be our Year, and I love your recommendations. Definitely using them!