Monday, June 1, 2009

Exhausted by Exhaustion

Before I continue, I will say this... I realize that by griping about this woman, I am going to hell.

I read this morning, that Susan Boyle is being treated for exhaustion today after the finals of Britain's Got Talent. The media shit storm that she attracted was too much, so she needs to spend some time away from the lime light. this really news? I know TBTL did a segment on this months ago, but I need to add my two cents.

Exhaustion is an overhyped disease created for celebrities. There, I said it. I've been exhausted. If I were a celebrity, I would have gone to a hospital or a clinic or spa and taken some time for myself. But because no one knows who I am, I instead slept a few more hours, drank some tea, and watched movies. Then I was magically better. Did I find the elixir, the cure for exhaustion? No, I rested.

I get very annoyed whenever I read that a celebrity has exhaustion. THIS IS NOT NEWS. Everyone gets tired and worn down by the course of events. They take some time for themselves, and then moves on. Many of my friends have been exhausted. I tell them to get some extra sleep, do something nice for themselves, then stop feeling bad for them.

It's people like Yahoo and probably CNN who make Susan Boyle exhausted, as they choose to make this a top story on their homepage, instead of focusing on real news. Leave this poor woman alone. This isn't news. It's like if they said "Susan Boyle was spotted getting cold medications for seasonal allergies symptoms" then proceeded to nit pick it.

I don't care that Susan Boyle is exhausted, just like I don't care when Lindsay Lohan or Kate Moss or Halle Berry or Amy Winehouse are exhausted. It's a BS attempt to shine again in the spotlight with a BS "ailment". Get some sleep, have some tea, read a trashy magazine, and get over it.

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